New Patients


We understand that our patients expect quality care in a convenient and timely matter.  Our patient care specialists are here to help.  You will find a link below to our secure patient portal where you can complete your health history, insurance information, and office policies prior to your appointment at your convenience.  We recommend the forms be completed at least two business days before your appointment so one of our patient care specialist can perform a complimentary benefits check with your insurance prior to your arrival.  If you are unable to complete the form at home, we ask for you to arrive 20 mins prior to your appointment so Jenny can help you complete the form in a private room here in the office.  If you have trouble or need assistance with the form, please feel free to contact our office at anytime.






When you first walk in our doors, you will be greeted by one of our patient care specialists.  Once your chart is activated, you will be introduced to one of our hygienists, Ariana or Jaidy.  Both of our hygienist are highly trained in early detection of periodontal disease and the correlation of your oral health with your systemic health.  Two words our patients have used to describe our hygienists are meticulous and gentle.



Our new patient experience includes a full set of dental X-rays, photographs of your smile, periodontal evaluation, dental cleaning, and a comprehensive examination with a complimentary oral cancer screening.  Your X-rays and photos are important for screening and diagnosis. The X-rays are used to look for signs of decay, infection, and disease that we cannot see with our eyes.  We use your photographs so you will be able to see what your doctor and hygienist sees.  This is important. We don’t want to just treat teeth, but we want to educate and inform so we can prevent future problems.  



A typical first visit for an adult is 90 minutes, 60 minute for teens, and 30 minutes for children. For teenagers and children, we typically do not take photographs unless there is something that is concerning to the parents.  The first visit is a little longer than a regular visit due to the comprehensive nature. 

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Please, let us know how can we brighten your smile, and one of our wonderful team members will contact you shortly.

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