Pediatric Dentistry

At Dental Arts of Atlantis we believe that great health for your family begins with a healthy oral maintenance. We offer an on-staff pediatric dentist with extensive training in the techniques and procedures specifically for your child. Our philosophy is that great oral health care if taught properly can become a mainstay at your family’s overall health.

We feel that going to a Dentist should be fun for your children and they should understand the importance of great oral maintenance and be taught this in a fun and comfortable setting. Dental Arts of Atlantis is your “One Stop Shop” for all of your family dental needs.

Drs. Colleen Lam, Robert Rotella, and Lilli Cotsonas honor a commitment to providing safe and proper care for your children and family. Good oral hygiene habits should start when the first tooth starts to grow. Therefore, we recommend that your child have their first visit before 12 months, not only to get them acclimated to coming in every six months, but to also have us evaluate your child’s eruption patterns, bite, habits, and jaw relationships.

Maintaining your child’s teeth until their adult teeth are ready to erupt is very important and can save thousands of dollars in orthodontic treatment in the future. Premature baby teeth loss, whether it is due to trauma or decay, can lead to shifting and/or loss of space which leads to crowding.

Our goal is prevention. We will work with you and your child to keep them sugar-bug free and healthy.

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